Monday, July 20, 2015

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Sophia and Roland

Hello Wedding World! I know it's been awhile since I last blogged but I had to share this photo I captured from my sister-in-law's wedding over the weekend in beautiful So Cal at the L.A Arboretum and Botanic Garden. 

The look on the groom's face says it all. You see in his eyes that his heart has found a home at last. 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

The tangibles...custom photo book

In the digital age of photography, printing photos has become a fading trend. Most of us view our photos on a computer screen or on some sort of media device. We even display our photos in digital picture frames. Yet we spend thousands of dollars on wedding photography. I did not print any of our photos until requests were made by our families. Most of our relatives are an old fashion bunch. But they also knew technology could not replace something as amazing as an actual photograph. After all, when you see a photo on a computer screen or in a book, you really have no idea about the real colors or the depth that exists in the picture. Looking at the photograph, you can also feel the joy and the emotion in a way that simply does not exist otherwise.I am amazed at the number of brides who don’t print their wedding photos, whether for their own enjoyment or to give to friends and family; to experience it as something tangible, outside of the computer is wonderful.

Photos also deserve to be beautifully presented. It is always important to preserve your memories with the finest frames or a quality photo album which is why I absolutely adore the custom photo books and guest books offered by Etsy seller, Kris Stewart of Scroll. It is a less expensive alternative to the professional press books. This particular photo book has a cover and back made from lokta paper from Nepal with a gold mum pattern. It has a luxurious textured surface and the specks of gold makes the album an exquisite piece of art. The personalized name plate is also a nice touch too. 

More Details:
This album measures 6 1/4 by 8 1/2 inches with a usable page size of 6 by 8 1/4. There are 30 sheets of very thick, unlined, acid-free, warm white paper inside. This is a longstitch album where the pages are actually sewn through the spine, allowing the book to open fully and lay flat for ease of writing. The lines of linen stitching will be visible in neat parallel lines on the spine. Perfect for polaroids or one 4 X 6 or 5 X 7 photo on each page.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Melancholia Wedding Dress

Last night, I saw Melancholia, a slow moving movie about a wedding gone awry and the end of the world. The film is a visceral vision of depression and destruction. One of the lovely leading ladies in the movie is Kirsten Dunst, who plays the beautiful but deeply depressed bride. For most of the movie, Dunst dons an exquisite romantic strapless cleavage baring gown made with silky layers of light airy tulle and a bolero with a circlet of soft roses. Honestly, I was more involved with the wedding (love the scene where the guests send sky lanterns into the night sky) and the wedding dress than the rest of the movie. As for Dunst, she looked absolutely stunning as the blushing bride. The dress is rumored to be the creation of costume designer, Manon Rasmussen. See trailer below.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy 1 yr Anniversary!

1 year ago, I married my best friend. At times marriage still feels like a strange phenomenon to me. I am no longer daydreaming about what my spouse will be like—I can reach out and touch his fingers and count his toes. I can choose between pinching myself and pinching him, and no matter which one of us I squeeze, he is still real. Our love is real. :-)

Happy Anniversary Mon Amour!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sweet Seduction: French Macarons

French macarons are a sweet confectionery filled with a silky smooth butter cream or ganache filling, sandwiched between two soft thin cookie crusts. These versatilely flavored and colorful treats are light, airy and delicately delicious! French macarons make great wedding favors. They are also a scrumptious substitute to the traditional tiered cake or cupcake tower. These delectable little desserts will seduce any sweet toothed gourmand or cookie fanatic. I am a bit surprised that macaron madness has not swept the wedding scene.

Pierre-Hermes, creator of the World's finest French Macarons

Pom Pom Macaron Favor set by Sparkles Macaron via Etsy

Rainbow tower of French Macarons

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Savvy Save: Bridesmaid Dress

The high cost of being a bridesmaid is something that is often overlooked. Weddings in general are expensive so the parties involved including the bridal party are expected to spend a good amount of money. After conducting a study that surveyed nearly 20,000 brides, found that it costs about $1,695 to be a bridesmaid. The cost of the dress, accessories, travel expenses, wedding gifts and more (Bridal shower, Bachelorette party ect.) can really add up. Cost conscious brides can help reduce the cost of some of the bigger expenses. For instance figures and finance should be considered when selecting a bridesmaid dress. Since most bridesmaid dresses are worn only once, an affordable option should be made available to the bridesmaids. Also finding a flattering fit for all your girls is an important consideration. Shop savvy to find the right dress because you might find it for a lot less.

The bridesmaid dresses below are the same color, very similar in design and fashion from the same material (100% cotton) but the difference in cost is huge!

Fully lined pleated collar dress with side pockets by Amanda Archer $200

Fully lined pleated collar dress with side pockets by Ananya $60